What does the HCF stand for?
It stands for Half Circle Forward

What are the gaming consoles/handhelds that you have?
We only have a PS3, PS4, PSP and NDS for now.

There are no screenshots and gameplay videos in your entries. Why?
We want to provide screenshots and gameplay videos and other images that we took and made. Right now we don't have any equipment to do that but we're planning to acquire one ASAP to provide images/videos. But we can provide official/promotional images and trailers.

Any plans on launching your own site?
Right now, our web home is this blog

Are you accepting game review/walkthrough requests?
Yes, we're accepting game review requests as long as the game that you are requesting is available to the consoles that we have and if the game is worth reviewing so that we don't have to waste our time and money. For walkthroughs, we can't do video walkhroughs, but we can provide gaming tips and written walkthroughs.

How do you review games?
We review games by playing them through the end first so that we can point the good points and flaws of the game. Video game publishers/developers doesn't send review copies of any game to us. We buy our games so our reviews contains our own honest opinions about the game. We don't score or rate the games we review.

Why does it take long to post your written game reviews?
We have a regular 8AM-5PM work. We only play and review video games in our free time that's why it takes a long time to post our review.

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